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"Nailed it!" Pet Portraits

Donate to FACF and receive a custom pet portrait, see details below

$525 raised

$500 goal

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See our home page for art updates! www.facf.org

We are getting creative with our fundraising, so join in on the "Nailed it!" Pet Portrait fun. Our talented (and slightly less talented) volunteers are creating custom artwork of your pet for a recommended $15 donation. This donation will help support medical expenses, foster care, food and more to animals at Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center and within the community. You might get one of our extremely talented artists, or you might get a stick figure specialist! Let's see what our artists can do. We will be posting portraits on our website and Facebook so please visit often.

How to get your pet portrait:

1) We are asking for a $15 donation per portrait to support the care and adoption of animals in Johnson County
2) Email a picture of your pet and their name to fundraising@facf.org
3) We will respond via email with a digital copy of your custom artwork once it is complete

If you are on Facebook, you can join the fun there by visiting: https://www.facebook.com/FACFIowaCity/